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    Treatment Fees & Payment

    Acupuncture Initial Visit

    Cost: $200
    Session: 60-90 minutes
    Includes: Examination and treatment

    Acupuncture Follow Up

    Cost: $150
    Session: 45-60 minutes
    Recommendation: Chronic conditions involve 10-12 sessions (1-2x week)

    Acupuncture Packages

    5 Acupuncture Sessions: $700
    10 Acupuncture Sessions: $1,250
    20 Acupuncture Sessions: $2,200

    Herbal Medicine Consultation

    Cost: $250
    Session: 60 minutes
    Includes: Examination only (***Cost of herbs ranges from $25-$100/week) Herbal medicine is prescribed through Crane Herbs and delivered to your home directly.

    Herbal Medicine Follow-Up

    Cost: $175
    Session: 30 minutes

    Acupuncture Face-Lift (Facial Rejuvenation)

    Cost: $175 per session
    Session: 45 minutes
    Recommendation: *10-15 sessions required to see noticeable effects*

    Laser Acupuncture

    Costs: $175
    Session: 45 minutes


    Costs: $125
    Session: 30 minutes

    Methods of payment are by cash, check, credit card or through Paypal’s secure website using the form below.
    *** We require 48 hour cancellation notice. ***

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    If you have any additional questions please contact my office at (646) 577-0142 or use the contact form.